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Monday March 27th 2017


My 3rd child My 3rd child »

The 3rd day of the week, Wednesday, the 3rd day in the 3rd month, March in the year 2010 (digit sum is [...]

My lovely Daughter My lovely Daughter »

Here you see a nice picture of my lovely daughter, Zofia (Helene Edlund Avivson) [...]

My sons first day in school My sons first day in school »

A little late I post this, but I just believe it's a cute picture, and an important day - and most [...]

Do Something





Once a year I tend to make a status of the past 12 months of my life. I typically do this on my birthday, however I was unable to draw myself that [Read More]


Why don’t we »

Our company has now been alive for 1,5 years - and we did what you refer to web [...]

Cloudscrape is now Dexi Cloudscrape is now »

The last year I have been working cloudscrape - and finally the day came where we [...]

Life is what you make it to be – If you want happiness go take it! Life is what you »

10 years ago I wrote these lyrics, and this quote is still something I think of many [...]


Silly thoughts about complexity, Internet and products

The internet - the web is advancing and getting more complex. The products on the internet will in ten years be so complex, that each supplier chain will have their own set of intelligence. Meaning, they will not have the power no more of some parts of their own [Read More]

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