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Tuesday March 28th 2017

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Independent – and it’s fantastic »

Independent – and it’s fantastic

A new way of life After building up STANDOUTMEDIA, selling my shares and my final farewell with the company in June 2009 I am presently working independently with a couple of interesting companies - on consultancy basis - with PR, Spin, Sales and Online Marketing. As for now I will be in my hometown, Aarhus, for the next year or so awaiting my [...]

One of my old ventures: A Company »

One of my old ventures: A Company

The largest search engine and website in Denmark Since I started studying Economics I had always been a big fan of the Danish search engine Jubii - that at that time was the largest search engine in Denmark, with no comparison. I always had a dream working with them. And in 2004 I finally got the chance. It turned out at that point that their [...]