Independent – and it’s fantastic | Stefan Avivson

A new way of life

After building up STANDOUTMEDIA, selling my shares and my final farewell with the company in June 2009 I am presently working independently with a couple of interesting companies – on consultancy basis – with PR, Spin, Sales and Online Marketing.

As for now I will be in my hometown, Aarhus, for the next year or so awaiting my 3rd child to arrive aprxm. 24th february 2010.

I am working on a couple of quite interesting projects –  but if you are looking for someone who can help with an entrepreneural approach please feel free to contact me instantly on my email stefan (a) – Let’s discuss our possibilities…

I help Companies with:
1) Sales Strategies
2) Marketing and PR strategies and execution
3) Advisory for newly started companies
4) Entrepreneurship

With several startups and succeses I guarantee you my work with a money back guarantee.

stefanoI helped companies as Atea, Aller, Bayer, Blockbuster, Colgate, CeWe color, The Danish Foreign Ministry, FIH Bank, Jubii, Spray, Pension Danmark… The list is long, pls contact me for further details…

And remember to try to have fun while you work!

The Best,

Stefan Avivson