One of my old ventures: A Company | Stefan Avivson

The largest search engine and website in Denmark

Since I started studying Economics I had always been a big fan of the Danish search engine Jubii – that at that time was the largest search engine in Denmark, with no comparison. I always had a dream working with them.

And in 2004 I finally got the chance. It turned out at that point that their organization was fantastic in regards to run a successful site – they had great editors, great developers – only lack was their sales force. And that was my queue! With my experience of handling a telemarketing organization I was lucky to get the chance to make my first real company: An inside but outsourced sales organization that was to handle Jubii’s search engine  advertisement products.

Hence my surname and the idea of being a company working 100% for one client, I invented the name “A Company” (this way I could call my business unit a company @ jubii)I even designed my own logo – not being in particular a great designer – but I think it turned out pretty good that logo. (later on a designer added the cubes)


2 wild years

So I took the huge step – took my girlfriend my baby son Oliver – and moved from little Aarhus to big Copenhagen. I hired 15 sales people and 1st November 2004 we started selling.

Very fast we grew to be a success and within a year we were doing 80% of the total turnover of Jubii’s index. At the peak we were 35 employees, generating sales for the Lycos Europe group in Denmark and in Sweden and we were about to open sales as well in Germany and Spain.

The Google impact

All while cooking up big plans going international a small search engine made in Mountain View made more and more impact on the online advertising market. Eventually that meant in the end that I unfortunately wasn’t able to pay creditors – or pay the employees – and A Company in its form went bankrupt. I was though able to restructure the company keeping the 6 best employees and the day after the bankruptcy we were up and running.

Due to Google’s impact on the online market I realized that doing solemn business with Jubii wasn’t a sustainable way to continue life, and I looked at the opportunities I had. And a new future opened: