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My sons first day in school »

My sons first day in school

A little late I post this, but I just believe it's a cute picture, and an important day - and most important of all: MY SON!

Shipping Exchange »

Shipping Exchange

Please feel free to visit the provisional site for the shipping exchange. We are at this time garthering information,  so if you know anybody in the shipping industry who would find a shipping exchange interesting, please help me to spread the word

Facebook Fanclub – Fotobog »

Facebook Fanclub – Fotobog

Here you go: Fotobog A little featurette: A facebook Fanclub for the photobook enthusiasts in Denmark reaching 200 fans - we just begun - and more will come... Fotobog is the danish word for Photobook, and as I had a "little" experience in SEO, why not give the page a little juice? ;-)

Starting a new life is like getting new Business Cards »

Starting a new life is like getting new Business Cards – Which I just did

It is strange, I have gone through many years of Entrepreneurship and several company start-ups, finishing the last venture in June this year. Now, The first thing I really had to get use to - getting out on the other side - was not getting 100 emails everyday - well I still get that amount - they're just not THAT relevant... Hereafter I [...]

Finishing up a Roll Out Plan »

Finishing up a Roll Out Plan

Final steps After finishing the Business Plan and budgets - reviewing them a 1.000 times I am now making the final enhancements for the Roll Out Plan, which in my head is probably the most important document for a venture - or any business achievement: How the hell do we roll it out?  - Well, check out the Roll Out Plan. :-) Write it down For [...]

Copenhagen Shipping Exchange »

Copenhagen Shipping Exchange

We have launched a provisional site for the Copenhagen Shipping Exchange Are You a Shipping Professional, or knows someone who works as a shipping agent, please visit the site. We are developing some quite interesting tools. The only thing we hope is, if you are a shipping agent presenting vessels or cargo, please do add the following email [...]

Giv din politiske mening til kende »

Giv din politiske mening til kende

Genialt site vedr. valg. Med rigtige gode politiske meningsmålinger. Din stemme har en betydning! Giv din mening til kende og deltag i politiske meningsmålinger på vælger.dk. Her kan du deltage i politiske afstemninger og finde danske politikere. En gammel kollega fik sitet op at køre, og jeg er sgu meget imponeret.

My Super Garden »

My Super Garden

Sometimes it is unfortunately needed to use the lawnmower. This time when I was nearly finish - I needed to visit the mens room, and when I came back my 5 year old son was sitting with a regular pair of scissorscutting the grass. I started the lawnmower again, and just when I was about to cut the grass my son shouted STOP STOP STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP [...]

My lovely children »

My lovely children

Pictures taken just 2 weeks ago...

Preface in a bestseller book about sales »

Preface in a bestseller book about sales

I was fortunate to be asked to write the preface to the bestseller book by John Evan-Jones: Close that Sale – The Top Gun Way Traditional sales methods, very rarely apply in today´s world. Discover how to sell the customer what they want – but deliver what they need. Use the unique DISA behavioural style system to identify your potential [...]

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