Finishing up a Roll Out Plan | Stefan Avivson

Final steps

After finishing the Business Plan and budgets – reviewing them a 1.000 times I am now making the final enhancements for the Roll Out Plan, which in my head is probably the most important document for a venture – or any business achievement: How the hell do we roll it out?  – Well, check out the Roll Out Plan. 🙂

Write it down

For those who would like to know the easy way to produce a roll out plan READ ON:

It is important to write down what you are going to do – because in most cases: You are not the only stakeholder in a project. You have investors, maybe employees, banks etc. AND your family – and probably the most important stakeholder: YOU! – People tend to forget – so this document will remind you what track you should be on. Remember – it is always aloud to change track – even the goal – but make sure you KNOW what you are doing.

Maybe an “easy” way

roll out planStart building your plan (for me it works pretty good in Powerpoint!) by naming each relevant stage you will go through before reaching your goal. Hereafter “paint”/write down the different subgoals for every stage (there can be numerous subgoals/milestones). After depicting this: Print it out – look at it, go to sleep, wake up, take a cup of coffee and revise it. Ask some “clever” guys if it’s good or… – Revise once again and then 🙂 …    :

Start writing again!

The operational approach

What you have achieved now is describing your strategic roll out (the stages) – and the tactical roll out (the substages/milestones). Now, how is this going to be rolled out? Easy, by operation! – Things must be done before things can be done(!) – Your task is to write a text for each milestone on:

  1. How You are going to do it
  2. Why you are doing it
  3. When are you going to do it
  4. Who are going to do it with

This will in the end be your Operational Roll Out Plan

The Schedule

Now set stages as the column and fill in rows with the different tasks: In this last roll out plan which i am just finishing, I divided tasks into:company (law, structure, administration), Development (what needs to be developed), Products/Services, Sales, Marketing, People/Recruitment.

After this, it should be simple!

Now you have all the elements – put it in a word document and start with an explanation of each part;

  1. Strategic Roll Out Plan
  2. Tactical Roll Out Plan
  3. Schedule
  4. explanation for each task/milestone – Operational Roll Out Plan

Good luck with your Roll Out Plan.

Contact me if you have any questions – i will be happy to help fellow entrepreneurs.

mr. avivson