Investing in Miami | Stefan Avivson

The Crisis has done crazy things to many people.

It’s probably not news for you, but especially the American property market has seen its fall – dramatically. All for one main reason, that the banks and people are in need of cash flow. The crash resulted in a tremendous fall in equity.

tentcityThe banks have made sure that many many Americans unfortunately haev given their property away – and this is actually where it gets interesting. Yes, there are people living in tents – their jobs and house has been taken away from them, but have in mind, that there are many people who still have jobs, but did choose to “over-loan” with security in their houses – They have no house, but a job.

For instance, take the whole young middle class – many of them work, but don’t need a house – just a fine apartment to rest and sleep in.


Now apartments, for instance in the Miami area, we have experienced more cases where we have been able t0 buy an apartment for 90% of the original price. And the reason for this is simple: The banks need the money, and if 10% % is the only amount of money they can get, then they apparently choose this, just to get some cash flow going.

Have in mind, the young people still need to live somewhere! With our investment group tha last case was we bought that 18 months ago was sold for $ 320.000 – hereafter the banks collapsed, the owner was thrown out, and it came on market 8 months ago. Though the price sign said $ 120.000 we were able to buy it for just $36.000. Amazing!

One week later on we rented the apartment out for the amount of 850$ per month leaving us with an interest rate of crazy 31,88%.


If you ask my friends and family where I want to live – everyone will know the answer: Miami.

Why? and Why in these times where there are no money to find over there?

It’s quite simple for me though! For example: The weather, The people, The Nature, Tee Possibilities in market right now, NOT Denmark.

miamidkDenmark is getting colder and colder and darker and darker, and I all the time discuss with myself why I am living it though again. Well take a look at this picture and decide yourself wether you want to stay in DK or Miami!


No secret that cash is king at the moment. – And this is what we are looking for.

We are looking for fellow-investors who would like to play along side. We are talking amounts of just $5.000-$500.000 that we can grow with at least 9% p.a. with guarantee – my guarantee.


One thing is money, but it is always important to be present on market. I am personally signing the transactions, and I guarantee I will have seen all the properties myself before buying them. The scheme actually pretty simple: Find the good priced properties, make sure its in a fine neighbourhood, make sure you can rent it out.

Oops, did I forget to mention that we two months later sold the property for $55.000? – But that’s another story!

Contact me, if you wanna talk!

Stefan Avivson