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Monday March 27th 2017

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The coolest boy in the world: Oliver »

The coolest boy in the world: Oliver

A fine picture of my lovely son, who is doing very well in school, his teacher just told us - I am SO proud

Helping out! »

Helping out!

My best friend is working with turnarounds in the tradesman industry in Denmark - and with great success. With his experience he also invented and programmed himself a great tool to help craftsmen managing their revenue and costs - a genius programme that let the leaders make the right decisions - every time. And it works! He asked med to help [...]

Spinning on Fotobog »

Spinning on Fotobog

Currently I am helping CeWe Color, Europes largest Photo laboratory, with spin and PR on their scandinavian market. This involves both online and offline presence. We are building af method to interact directly with the customers, so the customers have their possibility to speak up, and help CeWe get better with their product and communication [...]

Investing in Miami »

Investing in Miami

The Crisis has done crazy things to many people. It's probably not news for you, but especially the American property market has seen its fall - dramatically. All for one main reason, that the banks and people are in need of cash flow. The crash resulted in a tremendous fall in equity. The banks have made sure that many many Americans [...]

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