Starting a new life is like getting new Business Cards – Which I just did | Stefan Avivson

It is strange, I have gone through many years of Entrepreneurship and several company start-ups, finishing the last venture in June this year.

Now, The first thing I really had to get use to – getting out on the other side – was not getting 100 emails everyday – well I still get that amount – they’re just not THAT relevant…

Hereafter I looked at myself and had to realize – once again – that only I control my life. Luckily I was blessed with some quite interesting tasks; helping europes largest photo laboratory with PR and Spin in Scandinavia, a couple of online ventures with their strategy and some more interesting  but secret projects…

Life is starting to get a grid again and I am finally looking at some very interesting opportunities. I’ve been to a lot of business meetings, all around Europe – and a strange thing happened each time I met new people – Where is the Business Card – everyone gives me their Business Cards, but I can’t give one back  – I could use my old ones, but that would be weird – right?!

Business Card Stefan AvivsonSo I have finally done it – I ordered new business cards. Pretty minimalistic, not saying anything at all, but a picture of me, my email (it anyway tells my name and my url ) and then of course my phone number.

Most people who meet me, tend to remember my face and can rapidly see what I stand for – so in fact I don’t believe a new business relation would need any more.

So 500 new Business Cards are waiting for me at the printing company – and a new life can now begin 🙂