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Tuesday March 28th 2017

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The coolest viral movie… »

The coolest viral movie…

Normally, the coolest viral movies on the Internet are provided by companies that try to catch the young peoples attention. This time it's pretty different. My friend Sebastian - showed me this viral on Facebook. Pretty crazy. I am very impressed Sweden - and I do hope the film will give you all what you want: The true heroes. Follow this link [...]

One of my old ventures: Studenterrejserne (The Student »

One of my old ventures: Studenterrejserne (The Student Travels)

I have decided to write a little about my portfolio - this first time taking us back to the good old year of 2000, where I founded Studenterrejserne (Student Travels) together with my study friends while I studied Economics at Aarhus University. First reason for us starting the company was to get on a free ski-trip, being able to ski, drink [...]

Back to the old times »

Back to the old times

How did webpages look like years ago? Visit the Wayback Machine - it's pretty exciting to see the development... See my old avivson.com site: AND the BETA version of Google :-) :

the Copenhagen Shipping Exchange is a hit! »

the Copenhagen Shipping Exchange is a hit!

A Danish Professor, Søren Houggard, has developed a tool that determines whether a venture is ready for launch and Venture Capital given by factors regards to the founders and explicit factors as market etc. Please read more on the website www.hitrater.dk - especially if you are an entrepreneur. I did the test for our new venture, Copenhagen [...]

My lovely Daughter »

My lovely Daughter

Here you see a nice picture of my lovely daughter, Zofia (Helene Edlund Avivson)

Starting a new venture »

Starting a new venture

4 months (feels like 4 years) has now gone since I sold my last company and while helping CeWe Color (the largest photo laboratory in Europe) with PR and marketing in Scandinavia, I have been working hard on developing an exciting idea with my partner and very good friend, Jonas. We "found" an industry which is one of the oldest ones; [...]

Member of an Advisory Board »

Member of an Advisory Board

Today I received a call from Lars Schmidt Larsen, MD of the organization E-handelsfonden (The Danish E-Commerce Organization). The organization is founded by the leading relevant organizations in Denmark and funded by the Danish Government. He asked me to be on their Advisory Board, which I gladly accepted - I am now looking forward to some [...]