One of my old ventures: Studenterrejserne (The Student Travels) | Stefan Avivson


I have decided to write a little about my portfolio – this first time taking us back to the good old year of 2000, where I founded Studenterrejserne (Student Travels) together with my study friends while I studied Economics at Aarhus University.

First reason for us starting the company was to get on a free ski-trip, being able to ski, drink beer and hunt women (just to be honest)

However, the idea swiftly became a huge success on the entire Campus @ Aarhus University taking the lead of the market beating all the big Travel Companies. We even expanded to the other Campuses around Denmark delivering the same success.

Two years with huge success – and somd fantastic trips to the French Alps, two of us decided to take the next step offering student tours (pretty logical hence the name). This also gave us a huge success and (at that time) pretty good revenues. We just had one problem – we only generated revenue – there was no profits – so in order to make money on the company we needed to be independent (we bought our trips from technical travel companies leaving no profit to us). In Denmark you must by law be a member of the Travel Guarantee Foundation (rejsegarantifonden) – in order to offer packaged tours (both travel and hotel) – The real money was on the commission of the Hotels.

We made a brief presentation and went to the bank – none of us had any money (hey, we were students and drank up all our allowances), but we could show pretty nice revenue, and a professional profile – and our webpage, which I still believe was pretty nice compared to other sites. BTW, Thank You Bongo!

Unfortunately we were turned down by the banks – though we only asked for $50.000 – although we could prove we would gain up to 8% profit (which was a lot in the travel agency sector at that time) based on historical transactions. DAMN!

After this crucial experience we lost the motivation – as we could not find any funding. Now IF we had the funding I would project that the company today would have been a great success and would have left us with a fine exit with Kilroy Travel.

It funny to look back in time – Try the fantastic tool and explore how sites looked like years ago.

If you follow our journey, you see:

Unfortunately, I am not able to find the first two versions of the webpages – hehe the first version domain was something really crazy – I hope Morten can help me with the address.





And 2002 we launched (from my point of view) a spectatular design with the help of my dear friend Christian:



NOW in 2004 it was still active – but we gave up, and as noone was interested in buying our company or domain we ended with the fantastic offer to our customers a trip to Rome for just 387.000 DKK ($65.000) -Pretty Cheap!