Starting a new venture | Stefan Avivson


4 months (feels like 4 years) has now gone since I sold my last company and while helping CeWe Color (the largest photo laboratory in Europe) with PR and marketing in Scandinavia, I have been working hard on developing an exciting idea with my partner and very good friend, Jonas.

We “found” an industry which is one of the oldest ones; Shipping, which I find very very interesting. I really am impressed by the gentleman’s agreement that truly still lives in this sector. Finding that the industry is 10 % of the world’s GDP, my eyes have opened up to how many stakeholders you find in this industry.

Especially Denmark, which is world wide known as a Shipping Industry, having Maersk in front. So starting a venture with base in Denmark with focus on Shipping seems Ideal.

We have seen and experienced how the shipping agents in the industry works. Now, for a guy like me who ventured several startups in the online sector, saw some pretty amazing ways where we can enhance, optimize and develop the shipping agents work flow in order to let them focus on what they truly want to work with, without destroying the individuals’ most important power: Network. Agents wants to focus on the deals – which ends up being our mantra: Focus On The Deal.

At first it started with Jonas’ idea – and by the way wondering; Why there isn’t a Shipping Exchange, like we know from the financial sector (stock exchange), hence the company name: Copenhagen Shipping Exchange.

We have finished the business (FINALLY), made a strategic and tactical roll out plan for the next three years – and oh yes Budgets, which look damn good – and yet still very conservative.

The really amazing thing with this venture is that we will help the industry immensely with our services -which by the way are simply free to use. Remember, that the shipping industry is in a real deep crisis at this moment losing billions each day. So if we can offer a better work flow for the true heroes in the sector, the agents, we hope we can create a huge impact world wide.

The whole plan is built by the 14 years of experience with my point of view, trying to master sales, economics, management and marketing. I am really excited.

We already have investors who “in”, but to make this venture all embracing, we are looking for a large variety of investors to invite on board, in order to have as many clever heads as close as possible enabling the success for this fantastic idea.

So before closing the investment gap, feel free to contact me for more details for this project.

Let’s create something big 🙂

Stefan Avivson