the Copenhagen Shipping Exchange is a hit! | Stefan Avivson

A Danish Professor, Søren Houggard, has developed a tool that determines whether a venture is ready for launch and Venture Capital given by factors regards to the founders and explicit factors as market etc. Please read more on the website – especially if you are an entrepreneur.

I did the test for our new venture, Copenhagen Shipping Exchange.

We have through the last 4 months developed a strategy containing all documents and budgets needed to create a successful start-up. Even a step-by-step plan for each participant in the project.

For banks, investors, family etc. present the following documents:

1)      Full Business Plan

2)      Invention Disclosure

3)      Products and Service Specifications

4)      Strategic Roll Out Plan

5)      Tactical and Step-by-step Roll Out Plan

6)      Executive Summary and One Pager

7)      Full Budget with details of all parameters and activities

8)      Business Case, Information Portal (in Danish)

9)      Provisional site in order to inform about adding emails to mailing lists: or

Anyway, I answered all questions in the questionnaire honestly and the test result was – to me – fantastic:


Let’s get ready to rumble 🙂

Stefan Avivson