3 is magic number (I hope) | Stefan Avivson

Most fairy tales have the count of three. The count of three – and something magical happen. Although I am not superstitious at any point – I can’t stop hoping for that three is a magic number. 3 is a number in my life at this point – I am surrounded by this digit. – I recently changed mobile operator – to 3 – their mantra is: 3 is a magic number – My new babygirl – Caya – is my third child, and by the way:

  • born on the 3rd day in the week Wednesday, the 3 day in the 3rd month, March in the year 2010 (digit sum is 2+0+1+0 = 3).
  • My wife – was lying in bed no. 333

So you can probably imagine that at this point – 3 has become part of my life  –  and now – I am getting ready to my 3rd “serious” venture where I am going all in. My first venture i went bankrupt, my second venture I came in plus again – and the third – well the third venture I should sky rocket – that is the goal. So I am counting for that 3 is a magic number.