The internet – the web is advancing and getting more complex.

complexity_networkThe products on the internet will in ten years be so complex, that each supplier chain will have their own set of intelligence. Meaning, they will not have the power no more of some parts of their own fundamental services. Each supplier will all need to progressively search new ways of comforting their client.

balloon pop
These will grow into large symbiotic organisms, that each have their impact on each other. In the end the only movement that will appear in this bubble will be encounters from outside – like when you stand and hit a balloon and it in the end explodes.

Things start and things end.

It can be explained like when you watch oil on water, how it slowly attaches to each other, yet still agile enough to maneuver, but it sticks together and continues this way until it covers the entire surface. A concrete example is a web shop. Already, they rely on google adwords, who’s total amount of information is not available to the webshop that here is the example. Google adwords have read other websites information – such a vast amount that it cannot even contain all information, thats why google indexes pages – hence the word. oil
When a client buys a shoe from a webshop, then the complexity already rises. The shoe is probably bought from a distributor, that has the information/intelligence about the potential clients. The distributor buys from the producer/the brand that hold its own secrecy due to competition. For shoes, rubber, plastic, glue etc. must be bought, again from the producers’ suppliers.

So we already see a web of companies that support each other in symbiotic organisms that develops itself, it contains itself by eating from outside its own organism – it needs to eat – we all need to eat, so basically, most important part to live must be to consume. And yes, it is our biggest urge. If we don’t get all these things, then we die – hence maslows pyramid.
We ease our lives by buying more and more complex products – due to our addiction, we need more – we need to ease more pain, that is instinct of living.
By easing our pain, we can relax more – because basically the human is lazy. Because it tears energy for each movement we make. That is why we get tired. That is why we sleep! Which is also why relationships are important.
That is why love is important – the most important part of life – why it is so fundamental to our lives. LOVE is amazing! And by adding “love” to your products, you have a fundamental chance to win. Just a silly thought, but close to the real world…