´╗┐ Life is what you make it to be – If you want happiness go take it! | Stefan Avivson

10 years ago I wrote these lyrics, and this quote is still something I think of many times.

If you have the slightest idea about what I have been through the last one and half years, you would probably also have doubted. I have heard of several people, who peripheral touch my life on a daily basis who have doubts about me – however, I never did┬ádoubt myself, and I still don’t doubt myself.

It is a simple mind game, if you think you are a failure, I guarantee you that you are one. On the other hand, if you believe you can have success, there is a chance you will get it!. I have tried many times to have success in my life. On a personal level, on the music scene and in my business life. The difference now is just that I have got the opportunity to have happiness in all three categories. And I want happiness, and I did take it! And I am keeping it!

So what happened?

Well, 3 months ago I stopped my Interim Chief Sales Officer job with WALLMOB. They were sold and I got my bonus and life moved on.

The last 3 months have been crazy uplifting in so many ways for me. I got the opportunity to dig into myself and find out, what it is that I want with my life. I know it is a rare opportunity, but I took it. And I had fun – I guarantee you. It has also been hard in many ways, but overall I have found myself being lifted on all three categories; life, music and business.

Life is beautiful. I have gotten to know what I believe is true love! wow!

Music is fantastic. My songs are being processed and I am hoping to release something really soon.

Business is my priviledge! I started my new company RAW Consult last monday. Today, two weeks have passed and I am proud to announce that my decision to make my new company is the right one.

Now, how do you measure this? SIMPLE! Customers!!! Customers is what drives in the revenue. Revenue pays my salary, and I am able to create my new foundation in life where I and those around me can have the free life, we all dream about.

So thank you dear clients, thank you Tina, thank you kids, thank you my family and friends – in fact thank you everyone. I am where I want to be! To you guys who don’t think that is good thing – well I hope anyway that you someday will find some happiness as well.

Have a FANTASTIC weekend!