Once a year I tend to make a status of the past 12 months of my life.

I typically do this on my birthday, however I was unable to draw myself that attention as one very close to me had a heart surgery on that specific day. It luckily went well and I am by the way very proud of him!

So how was my last year of life here on earth? Was it good or was it bad? Was it more good than it was bad or is it the other way around?

There are many ways to make a status of life. It can be done by making lists, and this year I have made list of what I have learned and experienced. Here is a fraction!

  • I have learned about true love and soul mates and stuff
  • I have truly had a fantastic time with my closest friends and family
  • There is nothing more important than your children
  • I have put my soul back into music again  
  • I found myself coming out of a two year long depression after losing fortune and my mother
  • I have learned that the people around you, are very important to the decisions you make or don’t make, so be sure to have the right people around you and more importantly: behind you!
  • I have learned that most people only have themselves in mind, but luckily a few people also see the benefits by helping others in gratuity.
  • I have learned that I have to put myself in the front seat of my own life, and that I as well have some serious issues which I am directly confronting and fixing. For instance I have learned how to say stop and no!
  • I have lost some kilos and started training on a regular basis
  • I have learned that my heart is in fact in the right place
  • I know what my goals are and I know that I am taking the right decisions based on the fact that I am pretty sure I will be content with my choices on the day I turn 80!
  • There is HOPE!

Basically 2014 has for me been a year of inner soul searching, finding myself being this actual adult with kids and talents, and finding the real foundation from where I want to stand up from. Oh, that is myself! I will from now on be 80 till I die!

So be yourself worthy, take good care of your kids and make each and every day a special one.

A merry christmas and a happy hanukah to all of you out there!

Let 2015 be even a better year than 2014! I know mine will!

Stefan Avivson