I know we all think that we have experienced some pretty extraordinary things here in this so-called life.

And I do admit that I did forget to think this way for some years, but I do remember that I already was thinking like an 80 year old fart when I was studying first year on University.

Let me explain, what I mean in regards to being a 80 year old and the fact that I want to be 80 till i die:

Life is all about choices


(and not making choices is also a kind of a choice).

And all these circumstances in life molds you and builds the person you are today. We are always developing ourselves, and for the time being, we all hope to get to be 80 – or just old! I put 80 as a milestone, as if I actually reach this age, I think I will find myself to have lived through an amazing life. Not saying that I won’t reach that level, but if I do – I am content. And perhaps I will find a new goal at that point!

Now, this is not about being 80 and old and grumpy but about how I will think about the life I have lived. Am I content with the choices I took in life?

I can certainly already see some crazy good choices as well as some pretty stupid choices I took during my first 36 years of living on this earth.

In any case, I did end up with 3 lovely kids, and to be on the other side of a 2 year depression after losing wealth and my mother and now being in process of making a new foundation of my life. it is pretty exciting actually. And CERTAINLY alot of important choices are to made.

But how will I think back on my life – did I take the right choices? Did I fight well enough, did I do all I could in order to get excatly what I hoped to have had in my life?

Did I give up to soon, or did I just choose another path – and will that path be good enough for me, when I will look back on my life as an 80 year old?

I find that to be the most important questions to answer, while living through this single life we’ve got – will I be content with my choices?

I guess we in the end will find out. But if you have a choice to mold your life towards ”Pure happiness”, why not do that?

That is what I am doing, and that is why I am taking those choices I am taking, well knowing that I might lose some of my most important battles, however, I will be able to look back on my life and say – I did EVERYTHING I could, but I lost that particular part – although that particular part was to be the most amazing thing that could have had occured.

I am not fighting to lose, I always fight for a win. And usually I win. So I am sure that these choices I am making at this very moment are the right choices for me, as I in any case will be able to look back and say. YES, you did take the right choices.

So all I am saying is:

When taking choices in life, think like a 80 year old, and see how that will impact on your present choices.

Have a nice life! I certainly know that I will! and if you are not sure about what choice to take, well always choose love -I did!!!  and CHECK THIS OUT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TOmZ66lIzJA