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Tuesday March 28th 2017

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Why don’t we call web scraping for web scraping? »

Our company has now been alive for 1,5 years - and we did what you refer to web scraping. Web scraping has been a common term for what in the end is what I like to refer to as Web data extraction, however people still use the term Web Scraping. See here why we call web scraping differently than most others.

Cloudscrape is now Dexi »

Cloudscrape is now Dexi

The last year I have been working cloudscrape - and finally the day came where we relaunched and rebranded the company to a name I really like. We call it Dexi - and I believe it is PRETTY awesome. Check it out!  

Life is what you make it to be – If you want »

Life is what you make it to be – If you want happiness go take it!

10 years ago I wrote these lyrics, and this quote is still something I think of many times. If you have the slightest idea about what I have been through the last one and half years, you would probably also have doubted. I have heard of several people, who peripheral touch my life on a daily basis who have doubts about me - however, I never [...]

Silly thoughts about complexity, Internet and products »

Silly thoughts about complexity, Internet and products

The internet - the web is advancing and getting more complex. The products on the internet will in ten years be so complex, that each supplier chain will have their own set of intelligence. Meaning, they will not have the power no more of some parts of their own fundamental services. Each supplier will all need to progressively search new ways [...]

New exciting initiative in the Maritime Industry »

Check this out, if you are from within the Maritime Industry:  http://neptunesguide.com 

What a site!!! »

What a site!!!

Everytime I go in and have a look at our website I simply get excited. Phew, I really like our design! Enjoy www.cphse.com

Copenhagen Shipping Exchange in the news for the first »

Copenhagen Shipping Exchange in the news for the first time

We are honoured to be announced by the largest newspaper in the maritime industry in  Denmark called Søfart. It's in Danish, but use Google Translate to translate it into your language. Read the article in PDF: Sofarten16_03 Article in Danish: (from Søfart 16, 23rd April 2010, page 3) To danske iværksættere gør nu et nyt forsøg [...]

How many Emails do you receive as a shipping »

Are you a ship owner or a broker in the industry - please feel free to enter the poll and see the results!.. As a Ship Owner or Broker, how many Emails do you receive on a daily basis? 0 - 99 100 - 499 500 - 999 1,000 - 1,999 2,000 - 2,900 3,000 - pollcode.com free [...]

It is now public »

Here is the link to the page, where they have announced the Advisory Board of the E Trade Foundation in Denmark: http://www.e-maerket.dk/sw4015.asp

Member of an Advisory Board »

Member of an Advisory Board

Today I received a call from Lars Schmidt Larsen, MD of the organization E-handelsfonden (The Danish E-Commerce Organization). The organization is founded by the leading relevant organizations in Denmark and funded by the Danish Government. He asked me to be on their Advisory Board, which I gladly accepted - I am now looking forward to some [...]

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