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Monday March 27th 2017

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Shipping Exchange »

Shipping Exchange

Please feel free to visit the provisional site for the shipping exchange. We are at this time garthering information,  so if you know anybody in the shipping industry who would find a shipping exchange interesting, please help me to spread the word

Preface in a bestseller book about sales »

Preface in a bestseller book about sales

I was fortunate to be asked to write the preface to the bestseller book by John Evan-Jones: Close that Sale – The Top Gun Way Traditional sales methods, very rarely apply in today´s world. Discover how to sell the customer what they want – but deliver what they need. Use the unique DISA behavioural style system to identify your potential [...]

Spinning on Fotobog »

Spinning on Fotobog

Currently I am helping CeWe Color, Europes largest Photo laboratory, with spin and PR on their scandinavian market. This involves both online and offline presence. We are building af method to interact directly with the customers, so the customers have their possibility to speak up, and help CeWe get better with their product and communication [...]

One of my old ventures: A Company »

One of my old ventures: A Company

The largest search engine and website in Denmark Since I started studying Economics I had always been a big fan of the Danish search engine Jubii - that at that time was the largest search engine in Denmark, with no comparison. I always had a dream working with them. And in 2004 I finally got the chance. It turned out at that point that their [...]



FINALLY I am proud to present to you: www.standoutmedia.com and our danish site: www.standoutmedia.dk STAND OUT!

Oban changes to STANDOUTMEDIA »

Oban changes to STANDOUTMEDIA

A Danish article about Oban Changing name to STANDOUTMEDIA. Taken directly from the Danish Marketing newspaper www.markedsforing.dk Oban skifter navn og direktør Standoutmedia er Obans nye navn, og Jacob Laurvigen er den nye administrerende direktør. New media-bureauet Oban, der har specialiseret sig inden for bl.a. webstrategi, [...]

Branding Denmark »

PRESS RELEASE From Oban Denmark February 11, 2008 www.obanmultilingual.com Branding Denmark Brands are everywhere these days: on your cereal boxes, the labels of your favourite clothes, even on the lid of your pen. But who ever heard of branding a country? That is precisely what the Danish government is looking to do. Their campaign, [...]

When Multilingual Search marketing became Danish »

When Multilingual Search marketing became Danish

Article taken from the Copenhagen Capacity with news about a new company opening in Denmark: Oban Multilingual is opening a sales office in Denmark and hopes to give the search engine optimisation market greater visibility. Danish companies are failing to fully exploit the possibilities inherent in Internet advertising, says Oban [...]

Danish Search Engine lose key sales partner »

Danish Search Engine lose key sales partner

Danish article about Danish Jubii loses A Company - now Oban Danmark as a key partner in Sales. Internet-mediabureauet Oban Multilingual åbnede i denne måned eget salgskontor i Danmark. Og det har givet anledning til selvransagelse. Tidligere har firmaet kun været til stede i Danmark med en mindre afdeling, der blandt andet opkøbte det [...]

International søge-virksomhed køber sig ind i »

Af Søren Dietrichsen sd@erhvervsbladet.dk Torsdag den 2. august 2007, 13:45 Opkøb. Med engelske Roial som mellemmand har Oban købt danske A Company. Danske A Company med seks ansatte er købt af Oban. Sidstnævnte er en af de største søgeoptimerings- virksomheder (SEO) i verden med kontorer i 26 lande. I første omgang er det [...]

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