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Tuesday March 28th 2017

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Silly thoughts about complexity, Internet and products »

Silly thoughts about complexity, Internet and products

The internet - the web is advancing and getting more complex. The products on the internet will in ten years be so complex, that each supplier chain will have their own set of intelligence. Meaning, they will not have the power no more of some parts of their own fundamental services. Each supplier will all need to progressively search new ways [...]

The funniest website this year »

MUST be the most funny website I have ever seen... Enjoy IT: http://damnyouautocorrect.com/

new blog about photo books (Fotobog) »

new blog about photo books (Fotobog)

There is a new blog in town all about fotobog (photobooks) - visit for fun and inspiration @ fotobog.com

The coolest viral movie… »

The coolest viral movie…

Normally, the coolest viral movies on the Internet are provided by companies that try to catch the young peoples attention. This time it's pretty different. My friend Sebastian - showed me this viral on Facebook. Pretty crazy. I am very impressed Sweden - and I do hope the film will give you all what you want: The true heroes. Follow this link [...]

Back to the old times »

Back to the old times

How did webpages look like years ago? Visit the Wayback Machine - it's pretty exciting to see the development... See my old avivson.com site: AND the BETA version of Google :-) :

Facebook Fanclub – Fotobog »

Facebook Fanclub – Fotobog

Here you go: Fotobog A little featurette: A facebook Fanclub for the photobook enthusiasts in Denmark reaching 200 fans - we just begun - and more will come... Fotobog is the danish word for Photobook, and as I had a "little" experience in SEO, why not give the page a little juice? ;-)

Giv din politiske mening til kende »

Giv din politiske mening til kende

Genialt site vedr. valg. Med rigtige gode politiske meningsmålinger. Din stemme har en betydning! Giv din mening til kende og deltag i politiske meningsmålinger på vælger.dk. Her kan du deltage i politiske afstemninger og finde danske politikere. En gammel kollega fik sitet op at køre, og jeg er sgu meget imponeret.

A Hilarious Blog »

a hilarious Danish Blog: http://detbedste.blogspot.com/