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Tuesday March 28th 2017

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My 3rd child »

My 3rd child

The 3rd day of the week, Wednesday, the 3rd day in the 3rd month, March in the year 2010 (digit sum is 2+0+1+0 =3) my baby girl saw first daylight and was born in bed no. 333 in Aarhus 14:44. Birth took 1,5 hours and here you see the picture of Caya Maria Edlund Avivson - just 10 minutes old:   And a beautiful moment:

My lovely Daughter »

My lovely Daughter

Here you see a nice picture of my lovely daughter, Zofia (Helene Edlund Avivson)

My sons first day in school »

My sons first day in school

A little late I post this, but I just believe it's a cute picture, and an important day - and most important of all: MY SON!

My Super Garden »

My Super Garden

Sometimes it is unfortunately needed to use the lawnmower. This time when I was nearly finish - I needed to visit the mens room, and when I came back my 5 year old son was sitting with a regular pair of scissorscutting the grass. I started the lawnmower again, and just when I was about to cut the grass my son shouted STOP STOP STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP [...]

My lovely children »

My lovely children

Pictures taken just 2 weeks ago...

The coolest boy in the world: Oliver »

The coolest boy in the world: Oliver

A fine picture of my lovely son, who is doing very well in school, his teacher just told us - I am SO proud