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Tuesday March 28th 2017

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the Copenhagen Shipping Exchange is a hit! »

the Copenhagen Shipping Exchange is a hit!

A Danish Professor, Søren Houggard, has developed a tool that determines whether a venture is ready for launch and Venture Capital given by factors regards to the founders and explicit factors as market etc. Please read more on the website www.hitrater.dk - especially if you are an entrepreneur. I did the test for our new venture, Copenhagen [...]

Starting a new venture »

Starting a new venture

4 months (feels like 4 years) has now gone since I sold my last company and while helping CeWe Color (the largest photo laboratory in Europe) with PR and marketing in Scandinavia, I have been working hard on developing an exciting idea with my partner and very good friend, Jonas. We "found" an industry which is one of the oldest ones; [...]

New Business Plan »

New Business Plan

New Business Plan that can revolutionize the entire Shipping Industry Finally after working hardly on a new project the last month or so, I can finally tick off the making of the Business Plan. Essentially we are talking about a new way of doing things in an old industry - the Shipping Industry! Are you a stakeholder in the shipping [...]